Sometimes it can be hard to make the judgement call whether you should renovate your bathroom. Although your bathroom is still in working order, you’re either tired of the stylistic design, or the order in which your bathroom’s fixtures are laid out, and you want a change. Renovating your bathroom may breathe some much-needed fresh air into your living space, and it will also pay off in the end if you ever wish to sell your home. Here are the top 5 signs that indicate you need to upgrade your bathroom:

Layout Issues

Bathrooms are traditionally one of the smallest rooms in any household, which means available space is minimal. If you find that every time you open your bathroom door you end up striking your vanity or your toilet bowl, it may be time to reconfigure the layout of your bathroom. Consulting with a renovation professional will provide you with adequate insight about what you can to maximize space in your bathroom.

No Room to Store Bathroom Essentials

If your bathroom is filled with clutter, it can be hard to find your essentials like your hairbrush, toothbrush, clean face cloths, etc. With a lack of storage space, your bathroom feels smaller than it is, and it can be challenging to feel like you live in a clean and orderly manner. Reduce the stress of living in constant clutter by upgrading your bathroom with storage closets or cabinets.

Growing Family

When your children are small and take up a fraction of the space in your bathroom, the need for a larger bathroom is unnecessary. However, as they grow and they begin taking an active interest in their hygiene and appearance they may be spending more & more time in the bathroom, which means you’ll have to share the space. You may notice the lack of space when your kids reach pre-adolescence or their teenage years, but to prevent conflicts in the future, it’s best to think of renovation ideas now.

Mold Growth

No matter how much effort and care you put in to preserve the condition of your bathroom, there is little you can do to eliminate stubborn mold and grout. Mold will ruin the aesthetic of your bathroom and can pose a health risk to any individual that spends a decent amount of time in there. Contact your local tile specialists, for in-depth analysis about your current situation and what can be done to rectify any existing damage to your tiles.

Poor/Dim Lighting

Good lighting is imperative for your bathroom; it helps you see the makeup you apply to your face, it enables you to see how your hair looks before going out, and it helps keep you safe in a room notorious for spills. Lighting is important especially if you have little children, so they can see what they’re doing when using the toilet and ensure they don’t touch any hot utilities (hair dryer, curling iron, etc.).  If you have an older bathroom, it also won’t hurt to have your electrical work inspected to ensure it is up to code and working efficiently.