Winter in Alberta can be tumultuous; cold weather and extreme weather conditions typically arrive in early September and can last until March and April. It is important to unwind in the Winter as the cold can begin to wear on your physical and mental health. An investment in a fireplace for your home could help you reach maximum relaxation and maybe even pull your family room together. The choice between gas or wood burning fireplace is entirely up to you, but here are a few benefits that either can provide your home:

Gas Fireplaces:

A Clean Burn

One benefit to implementing a gas fireplace in your home would be that the burn is significantly cleaner than a wood fireplace. A natural gas burning fireplace does not emit the same toxic gases that burnt wood produces, which helps reduce your carbon footprint and is better for the environment.

No Chimney Required

The clean burn of a gas-powered fireplace means that it does not require a chimney to escort the toxic fumes out of your house. Instead, the clean burn allows you to vent the air through a vent in the roof or an outside wall. If your home does not already have a chimney, installations can be rather expensive which makes gas fireplaces a cost-efficient option.

Easy to Operate

Perhaps the biggest reason that gas fireplaces are so popular is that they are so easy to operate. Gas fireplaces are turned on and off with a switch. Be sure to invest in a gas-powered fireplace that has a pilot light. In the event of a power shortage, you will not be able to enjoy your beautiful, new fireplace.

Wood Fireplaces:

Constant Accessibility

Power outages have no bearing over your ability to use your fireplace, in fact, it may be the best time to use your fireplace. Ensure that your chimney chute is open before use, and you will be able to enjoy a full fire, electricity-free. There is also no need to hook up gas lines or possess a pilot light if you have wood, kindling and a lighter.

Cost Effective Materials

Purchasing fire logs at any point during the year is inexpensive. Fire logs, unlike firewood, typically come prewrapped with paper that makes it easy to light and lasts longer than traditional firewood. They even have logs that are designed to break down creosote that exists in your chimney which is caused by smoke. You may also wish to burn actual wood in your fireplace, but make sure that you clean your chimney with regularity if you wish to do so.

The True Fireplace Experience

Owning a wood burning fireplace is the complete experience. The sound of the wood crackling, the additional light, and the supplementary heat it produces helps create a relaxing, homey environment. The smell of burning wood is also an aroma that many homeowners find appealing.

The choice is ultimately yours, but you cannot go wrong with either a gas or wood burning fireplace.