4 Different Uses for Your Unused Spare Bedroom

If your home is like most households in Canada, it has a spare bedroom that is seldom used. A spare bedroom may seem like a necessity when you begin planning your home, in case you have visitors over to your house, and they need a place to sleep. However, if you [...]

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Top 5 Signs That You May Need A Bathroom Renovation

Sometimes it can be hard to make the judgement call whether you should renovate your bathroom. Although your bathroom is still in working order, you’re either tired of the stylistic design, or the order in which your bathroom’s fixtures are laid out, and you want a change. Renovating your bathroom may breathe some much-needed [...]

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How to Prevent Mold from Developing in Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is the most susceptible place in your home to develop mold. It can also spread, causing damage to your bathroom’s aesthetic, as well as human health. Mold typically grows and spreads in environments where moisture and humidity are present, which is why bathrooms with bathtubs and showers are especially vulnerable to mold [...]

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Gas or Wood Burning Fireplace: Which is Right for You?

Winter in Alberta can be tumultuous; cold weather and extreme weather conditions typically arrive in early September and can last until March and April. It is important to unwind in the Winter as the cold can begin to wear on your physical and mental health. An investment in a fireplace [...]

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The Benefits of a Full Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom is an integral part of your home; you spend countless hours in there showering, bathing, brushing your teeth and of course, using the toilet. Over time, however, consistent use of the facilities inside of your bathroom can lead to inefficient plumbing, the risk of mould growth, and unpleasant [...]

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