Your bathroom is an integral part of your home; you spend countless hours in there showering, bathing, brushing your teeth and of course, using the toilet. Over time, however, consistent use of the facilities inside of your bathroom can lead to inefficient plumbing, the risk of mould growth, and unpleasant odours and smells which may not be easily located. Completely renovating your bathroom may require you to use your spare bathroom or friends/family’s bathroom while the remodelling takes place, but the end reward will eventually be worth it. Here are a few reasons why you should consider fully renovating your bathroom:

Improve Relaxation and Comfort

Houses that have not been upgraded in 20+ years may have appliances that are not aesthetically pleasing and not very comfortable. Many older homes have bathtubs that provide minimal space for adults, which can be very annoying for new homeowners. Upgrading your bathroom provides you with options galore. Many homeowners transition their old, standard bathtub to a newer modern style spa bathtub, with jacuzzi jets. Many homeowners feel their shower heads are lacking power and adjustable streams, so renovations can provide you with the option to implement multiple showerheads with different functions. Toilets that feature bidets are also very popular which can be a welcomed addition to your home and save you money on toilet paper.

Increased Property Value

One of the first places that prospective homebuyers look in are the bathrooms, and they are also one of the more intently inspected rooms in your home. Reasons for this is that older bathrooms are typically more susceptible to mould and grout in between the tiling and rust.  Even small improvements like upgrading your countertops, improving your taps & faucets, or applying a fresh paint job can influence a sale. For homes that only have one bathroom, renovating to add a second bathroom can drastically improve your property value and the list of interested buyers. The more bathrooms your home has, the larger the market you can advertise your house to.

Energy Efficiency

Modern technology has drastically improved over the last 20 years which means that the appliances in your bathroom such as your showerhead, sink, and toilet may require an abundant amount of energy to operate. Common concerns about upgrading shower heads and faucets to more energy efficient appliances is water pressure; however, modern bathroom appliances still work as well as older appliances, with just as much pressure, but with built-in monitors to ensure you are conserving as much water as possible. The lighting in your bathroom can easily be overlooked when considering bathroom renovations but can make a tremendous impact. Upgrading your old lighting fixtures with LED lights can accentuate the detail in your bathroom and save on your hydro bill. LED lighting upgrades are also environmentally conscientious!

Bathrooms need to be upgraded over time to ensure that your health is not at risk from growing mould and to ensure your appliances are saving you energy and are functioning correctly. Upgrade your bathroom today!