If your home is like most households in Canada, it has a spare bedroom that is seldom used. A spare bedroom may seem like a necessity when you begin planning your home, in case you have visitors over to your house, and they need a place to sleep. However, if you don’t have many overnight visitors staying at your home, you could convert that extra room into a place where you could spend time creating, relaxing or healing. Here are four different uses for your unused spare bedroom that you might want to consider:

Home Library

A home library doesn’t need to be grand or luxurious. Swapping that spare bedroom into a quaint, comfortable and sombre reading room can be a great change. Line the walls with a couple of bookcases that match your room’s interior pick up a few comfy chairs and couches and be sure to upgrade your room’s lighting. It never hurts to add a layer of creativity to your reading room to spark your imagination; thrift shopping for bookshelves, bookends, lamps, or coffee tables can speak volumes about your one-of-a-kind style.

Yoga Zone

Some people will spend hundreds of dollars to attend yoga classes at their local gym, so save some money and do it at home in your own space. Transform that unused spare bedroom in a place where you can relax your mind, body and soul. Yoga presents you the opportunity to focus on your health and mindset; it also activates several muscle groups through different poses. To create your yoga zone, you only need a few yoga mats, a stereo to play peaceful music and a few indoor plants.

Music Studio

An unused spare bedroom is a wonderful chance for you to turn that space into a music room. Whether you love to sing, play the piano, play the guitar or drums; a music room presents you the opportunity to explore your creativity and experiment with your skills & talents. Some options for your music room would be to install studio wall panels to prevent sound from escaping the room, as well as soundproof rug pads/curtains.

Kid Play Area

For parents with little ones, it’s understood that in the eyes of a child, the whole house is their play area. Toys & games tend to end up all over your home when your kids are running around and using the entire house as their playground. If you prioritize cleanliness and organization, you may want to turn your spare bedroom into your kid’s very own, playroom. Supply them with couches, chairs and pillows to make forts, a table with crayons and construction paper for arts & crafts, and a toy bin full of their favourite trinkets.
Your spare bedroom could introduce endless possibilities for your home. If none of the above options suit your lifestyle, perhaps a remodelling of your home would have its benefits. Tearing down walls and opening space to more of an open concept style of home may spark a much-needed style change.